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YouTube gets ad-free player; see how it works

YouTube has started testing a new player on its platform that can be integrated with educational pages and apps to show videos without ads and without recommendations . The idea is to avoid distractions for students of courses, tutoring and all kinds of educational content .

The novelty arrives in beta, for testing , so it is restricted to specific markets and partners. The first companies that will be able to test the player without advertising and without recommendations are EDpuzzle, Purdue University and Global and Google Classroom itself. And the first countries that will be able to take advantage of it are the USA and South Korea.

Example of using the new player without ads and recommendations.
Example of using the new player without ads and recommendations.Source:  YouTube (via The Verge) 

Starting next year, platforms will be able to use the player in beta for free or paid content, including offering YouTube’s ability to keep the video playing in the background for paid courses. It has not yet been announced when the news will, effectively, leave its beta phase.

Google announced along with the ad-free player and recommendations new tools for creating educational content. Also in the beta phase, creators will be able to test the creation of quiz-style questions in the “community” tab on their official YouTube pages.


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