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Queen Elizabeth II: the monarch was a technology enthusiast

Image: Royal Family/Reproduction

Queen Elizabeth II died this Thursday (08) at the age of 96 and left legacies in several historical aspects, such as having the second longest reign in history (70 years, behind only Louis XIV, who commanded France). for 72 years).

With almost a century of life, one of the main transformations seen by the monarch was that of technology. And what a lot of people don’t know is that she was an enthusiast and was an active agent in this process.

Defying the stigma that older people are technology averse, Wired recalled how the queen saw up close revolutions such as cameras, social networks, video games, smartphones and much more.

The queen and technology

Did you know that in 1976, the Queen sent her first email while visiting the Royal Establishment of Signals and Radar? The body, which was a scientific research establishment within the UK Ministry of Defense, was developing the ARPANET project , which would become the internet as we know it. The Queen’s email username was “HME2”, which stood for “Her Majesty Elizabeth II”, or “ Her ajesty , Elizabeth II  l.

Decades later, in 1997, she and the Royal Family launched the first version of the British family website. Ten years later, it was the turn of the YouTube channel, whose first video was the first televised Christmas, in 1957.

Check out, below, other curious details about Queen Elizabeth II’s relationship with technology:

– He sent his first Twitter in 2014 ;

– Used iPads , as he liked the equipment after visiting his grandchildren Harry and William and decided to buy one;

– Had meetings with politicians through Zoom during the pandemic;

– I liked to play bowling on Wii Sports , on Nintendo Wii.



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