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How to advertise on Facebook?

Facebook has in excess of 102 million Brazilians with dynamic registrations and is still the informal organization with the largest number of customers in Brazil and on the planet. When building a display methodology to draw in customers you want to incorporate this channel into your strategy.

  1. Access the menu to make the promotion: Access the profile made particularly for your business exercises and fit the screw into the perfect menu. Choose the option “Promote.
  2. Choose your objective:

Your promotion, it is vital that you remember the objective you need to accomplish with your promotion.

Facebook presents you with 3 fundamental encounters of choices in view of the objectives, so that you can choose according to your needs:

  • Recognition
  • Thinking and change
  • Recognition

In recognition are age-related goals of interest in your item or administration. Here’s where you try to get individuals to get more data about your organization:

  • Installations of Engagement Applications
  • Traffic Vibraating Video Views
  • Log Messages Conversion

Under Change You view destinations that support individuals as intrigued conversion catalog sales visits. Make sure you choose one that determines well, as it will be simpler for you to remember pertinent mission data and information and reuse it later. He deserves that name is private and only you will want to read it.

4. Featuring your crowd:

Who will your promotions be shown to? Alert when characterizing your crowd. Alert guiding your missions to actually fulfill your personas. Here you can decide to manufacture a public focus as indicated by segment and social information, build a personalized or comparative crowd.

Custom Audience:

By choosing Custom Audiences, you will get in touch with individuals who, as of now, have a relationship with your organization. Custom Audiences are a split choice that lets you add your message digest and phone numbers.

Facebook Promotion Framework:

First, you manufacture your messages and phone digests after you transfer the digest to Facebook for the end You will be when you start your quests with this. You can transfer the mailing list as shown above and ask Facebook to find individuals who have a profile like the profiles of individuals who have messages from your contact base.

Area, age and gender:

You can share the crowd that will accept your disclosure by choosing significant segment information, eg age group, orientation, area (city, country). The more unequivocal your division aims at the strength of your mission and its transformative power.

Point by point Direction:

You can incorporate meaningful insights about your individual to ensure your promotion continues after you have your customer profile, with more prominent possibilities for change.

Among the fundamentals:

Demographic Interests (Introduced Above) – If you have an internet clothing business, you can choose an interest related to motherhood, for example, expanding your possibilities reaching out to likely moms and dads.

Social – If you are a craft bottling job, you might be interested in individuals who have the way of behaving from visiting bars and cafes.


Here you can choose an association with your mob of some sort or another. Among them: people who like your pages Friends of individuals who like your page Exclude individuals who like your page

5. Positions:

There are three potential super situations for Facebook Crusades ads:

News Source for the desktop Right of the desktop channel You can browse:

Daily budget:

You will set the normal day for the day Select a start day and a peak day for your mission. For example, in case you decide to contribute $10 every day, for 10 days you will contribute an amount of $100. Lifetime Budget: Here you will define the most extreme expense for the rest of the Facebook Vocation period .

The instrument will wrap the financial plan as you see it as more intriguing, conveying as the results your mission is delivering. Also, you may decide to contribute $100 for 10 days, however the money will be disclosed for the period and not one day.

7. Different options:

Some options are very high end for people who are just starting out, so the idea is that in case you are not a proficient media buying, leave the improvement of streamlining enhancement, the bidding procedure, when the charge will be done. and will type in the highlights you might like. At this beginning, it is extremely difficult to hamper each promotion and seeing its suitability. Switch plans, change your photo design and recognize the greatest days to help. This can have an effect on your result.

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